Subscription Regular Cleaning

1 Bedroom

Starts at N10,801.06

2 Bedroom

Starts at N11,395

3 Bedroom

Starts at N12,722.63

4 Bedroom

Starts at N15,622.44

5 Bedroom

Starts at N16,426

6 Bedroom

Starts at N22,575

Fichaya Lite Cleaning

1 Bedroom

Starts at N4,298.93

2 Bedroom Flat

Starts at N5,373.93
Regular home cleaning

3 Bedroom Flat

Starts at N6,448.93
Regular home cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

One Seater

Starts at N19,296.25
up to 2 hours

Two Seater

Starts at N27,305
up to 4 hours

Three Seater

Starts at N29,025
up to 5 hours

Four Seater

Starts at N29,885
up to 6 hours

Five Seater

Starts at N30,745
up to 7 hours

Six Seater

Starts at N32,465
up to 8 hours

Seven Seater

Starts at N34,185
up to 8.5 hours

Rug and Carpet Cleaning

Small rugs

Starts at N13,224.01
30 sq. ft. Equivalent of a 5 x 6 feet rug

Medium rugs

Starts at N28,224.13
75 sq. ft. equivalent of 9 x 8.5 feet rug

Large rugs

Starts at N53,224.33
80 sq. ft. An equivalent of 8 x 10 feet rug

Deep Cleaning

For Flats

Starts at N52,675

For Duplexes

Starts at N74,390


One Bedroom

Starts at N26,875
Up to one hour

Two Bedroom

Starts at N32,250
Up to one hour

Three Bedroom

Starts at N37,625
Up to one hour

Four Bedroom

Starts at N53,750
Up to one hour

Five Bedroom

Starts at N59,125
Up to one and a half hour

Six Bedroom

Starts at N75,250
Up to one and a half hour

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