A Busy Nigerian’s Guide to a Tidy Home

Life in Nigeria is a whirlwind! Between work, traffic and owambe, cleaning feels impossible.

But worry not! Here’s your cheat sheet to a tidy home, Nigerian style:

  • 10-Minute Missions: Can’t spare an hour? Dedicate 10 minutes daily to tackle one zone – bathroom sink, coffee table, etc.
  • Declutter Dash: Spend 15 minutes weekly getting rid of unused items. Donate and put things away!
  • Multitasking Magic: Clean while you wait! Wipe counters while the kettle boils, or blast music and clean the kitchen.
  • Vinegar Power: This natural hero disinfects and degreases. Mix it with water for windows, countertops, or hard water stains (add a few drops of your favorite essential oil)
  • Microfiber Marvels: Ditch that old shirt you turned to a rag! Microfiber cloths trap dust and dirt without extra cleaning products (eco-friendly bonus!).
  • Laundry Basket Brigade: Assign each family member a laundry basket. No more sorting later!
  • Make the Bed, Win the Day: Start with a small victory! A made bed instantly makes your room look tidier.
  • Deep Clean Dates: Schedule a monthly deep clean for things like oven cleaning, mopping, or dusting high shelves.
  • Cleaning Crew: Delegate! Turn it into a family activity with music and a “cleaning competition.”
  • Call in the Cavalry: Life’s busy! We at Fichaya offer cleaning services to fit your needs.

Bonus Tip: Reward yourself after cleaning! Relax in the tub, read a book, or enjoy that slice of cake!

Remember, a clean home doesn’t have to steal your time. These simple hacks will keep your space sparkling without the stress!

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